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“Proudly serving the Siskiyou County area for over 100 years.” 

Welcome to the Yreka Transfer history page. We are a multi-faceted trucking company operating out of Yreka, Ca. We have been family owned and operated for over 100 years in the Siskiyou county area. Our services include; curbside trash removal, commercial waste hauling, recycling, and household moving. Below you will find a brief history of how Yreka Transfer has become one of the longest standing businesses in Siskiyou County.

Christian Schock founded the business in the late 1800’s during the waning days of the gold rush. Schock started out delivering hay, barley, and wood with nothing more than a horse and buggy. Mr Schock died in 1913 but his son, Henry schock, continued to improve upon his father’s success. With the onset of the automobile Henry was able to deliver goods in Yreka, Scott Valley, and even as far as Happy Camp. Henry also used this opportunity to begin providing sanitation services which has become the flagship service for Yreka Transfer today.

Yreka Transfer’s founding family continued operations until the mid 1900’s when the Schock’s sold the business to George Strofeld. Strofeld added oil/fuel to the long list of Yreka Transfer’s delivery services. Much like The Schocks, Strofeld was not afraid to get his hands dirty and continued trash service in Yreka. The method for picking up trash was much different than we know today. Strofeld hand dumped each and every container onto the side of a state truck. Many of these containers were upwards of 100 lbs. Strofeld’s hard work paid off and he was able to continue Yreka Transfer’s success until 1959.

On February 2, 1959 Anthony and Joan Crovelle purchased Yreka Transfer from George Strofeld. Anthony, or (Crowbar) as many called him, grew up on various ranches in Siskiyou County and never shied away from hard work. This work ethic would prove vital to the success of Yreka Transfer. The new venture was a great opportunity for the Crovelle’s, but did come with a hefty price tag. Tony Crovelle was adamant about providing the same great services, but in order to do so he had to work from 5 in the morning until the sun went down. The work didn’t stop there. Tony would then head off to his second job as a night janitor for the old city meat market. In order to pay back the loan given to him, Crowbar literally worked around the clock.

Joan would not be outdone. She was a self-taught bookkeeper for the business and worked tirelessly to make sure every number had been accounted for. Her attention to detail was particularly impressive given she was forced to quit school in the fifth grade during the great depression. The two made a great team. Together they were able to make their own mark in the community. Hard work and honesty became synonymous with the business/family.

Tony and Joan raised three children (Linda, Tony Jr, and Sharon). They were raised up working and helping their parents wherever they could. All three children worked for the business in their adult years. Linda took a page out of her mother’s accounting book and worked in that department for over 40 years until she retired in 2014. Accounting practices changed drastically in those 40 years and she was proficient with pencil and ledger, as well as the most complex computer and software programs which we now use today. She still visits the office regularly and even punches the clock once and a while to help out the family.  

Tony Jr spent an equal amount of years heading up the moving and storage branch of the company. The moving services were formally introduced in 1964 when the family decided to build a new warehouse on Allen St. Since that time Yreka Transfer has offered local and long distance moving and storage solutions. Tony spent a lot of time on the road. His favorite truck nicknamed (old Blue) was a 1973 International. He and his brother in law Pat Healy were responsible for a majority of the 1 million miles Old Blue has recorded over the years. Pat Healy spent numerous years on the moving side of the business and was a partner in the business until 1990. Both men took pride on being able to handle any piece of furniture no matter how big, and their specialty was moving pianos. Today moving services are handled by fourth generation family member AJ Eller.

Sharon has been a partner in the business since 1980. She has also put decades of work in the office. She has always been a frugal and savvy businesswoman. These traits have helped Yreka Transfer stay profitable through good times and bad. Her husband (Glenn Rizzo), has also been an extremely successful businessman in Siskiyou county. He too worked for Yreka Transfer as a driver and mechanic making it possible to build a new shop next to the warehouse on Allen St in 1987. 1987 would go down as one of the worst fire seasons Siskiyou County has ever seen. Glenn and Don Jones (Linda’s husband), dropped construction boxes all summer in places like Forks of Salmon, Happy Camp, Scott Bar, and others. Yreka Transfer serviced fire boxes 68 days straight. These trips helped pay for the shop as well as our first and only full time mechanic (Dale Timmons). Dale continues to work and ensure all our equipment is up to date and safe. 

The third generation of the Crovelle family is currently at the helm of Yreka Transfer. Sharon’s two daughters are Laura and Karen. They have been working for Yreka Transfer since 1992. Laura takes care of all things trash, from the smallest cart to our rapidly expanding drop box services. She also works the front desk handling walk in customers and creating relationships with businesses all over Siskiyou County. The two sisters didn’t always work in the office as both spent numerous years operating the recycling center. Karen’s husband, Neal Eller, is fast approaching his 30th year of employment at Yreka Transfer. In those years Neal has spent most of his days on the residential garbage routes. His other duties include managing the shop and the fleet of trucks. He is the epitome of an owner operator.  

Karen and her mother Sharon purchased the recycling center from Carl Kaesar in 1992. Karen and husband Neal wanted to keep up with the changing landscape of waste removal. Recycling and waste disposal may seem like opposites, but the two realized that the future of the family business could be heavily dependent on both. Yreka Transfer has been committed to expanding recycling opportunities in Siskiyou County for decades. In 2010 a huge investment was made to provide a free blue recycling cart to customers in the city limits of Yreka. Customers now have a way to recycle and reduce their trash volume from home. The opportunity has since been a huge success.

The Crovelle family has now owned and operated Yreka Transfer for over half a century. The greatest asset to our success has always been our employees.  Currently Yreka Transfer has 28 employees. Over half of those employees have been with the company for over 10 years, and 10 of those have been employed for over 20 years. Four generations of family members are currently helping with day to day operations. There have also been well over 20 family members who have worked for the company in its history. Yreka Transfer is truly a family owned and operated business. In the coming years we hope to provide the same great services while continuing to adapt with industry technology and practices. The last 100 years have been wonderful for Yreka Transfer thanks to hard working employees, and our loyal customers. We hope to continue for many more years and generations of family.



















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